Tag’s: The Quaint Restaurant Taking Alexandria by Storm

Alexandrian streets are rife with history, tranquility, and honestly some cool-ass cultural treasures of Egyptian excellence. Known as the go-to city on chilly winter nights for day trips and fun excavations, or yesteryear’s summer haven pre-Sahel days; Alexandria is a haven for its inhabitors that they feel very protective of, often keeping a tightly locked gate of its coolest spots lest us commoners invade those as well.

Much to the dismay of our Alexandrian readers, we’re about to blow this brand new hidden gem into the open where it deserves to be. Located in Ezbet Sa’ad in Sidi Gaber, Tag’s is largely becoming a new favorite among foodies in Alexandria and for good reason. Whether it be the woodfire pizza, make-your-own-sandwich option, or the delectable desserts, Tag’s has it all.

The crown jewel, however, has got to be the chocolate croissant wheels they’ve imported and baked in-house. The croissant wheel has come to our attention in the past years, but only a few pattesiere’s have perfected it, Tag’s is definitely one of them.