Funky Fried Chicken Is Now a Thing with New Cairo’s Clucks

Via Clucks

If the 70s are known for two things, they’re bell bottom jeans and funky music. The 70s was truly the age of funk, much to our delight and chuckles and our parents’ embarrassment when we look at their old pictures from that era. But, we’ll admit, there’s something quite enticing about that era, everyone was loud and proud, things were cheaper, and did we mention that pants had huge bell bottoms?

Well, Clucks has found a way to introduce us milennialls/gen zers to the 70s, and bring back a beautiful time to our parents’ generation, all while serving some tasty and crispy fried chicken!

The vibes at Clucks are definitely original, and the food is delicious as it comes. Make sure to stop by Square One Mall in New Cairo and check out their delicious fried chicken, or maybe try the homemade pasta. If you’re on a diet and just there to vibe, they also have a nice selection of salads to suite your needs.