Bin Aqool Brings the Flavors of Kuwait to Alexandria

If the cuisine of the Gulf region is known for one thing, it’s the beautiful kabsa and long cooked meats. The spices of the desert are more reminiscent of dessert with the way they’re mixed and cooked, and Kuwait is no different. Served on plates of gold reminiscent of the sands in their origins, the refined tastes of Kuwaiti cuisine are truly on display at Bin Aqool.

Mixing influences from, well, the Gulf (obvi), Iran, and the Levant, Bin Aqool serves the creme de la creme of Kuwaiti food for our enjoyment. Whether you go for a chicken maqboos, or a delicious balaleet noodles that could easily challenge the best ramen you’ve ever had, Kuwaiti food is little but lacking in versatility and its brought to the highest ends at Bin Aqool.

We truly enjoyed our experience, and we’re sure you will as well at this Khaleeji haven in the streets of Alexandria, specifically Galal Dessouki Street near Abo Qeer. Don’t miss out on the delectable dining experience of give them a call at +201557728847 for delivery.