6 Cairo Locations for Your Company’s Ramadan Events

As much as Ramadan presents a chance for piety and spirituality, it’s also perfect grounds for team building. The spirit of friendliness and professional love is in the air, and regardless of our work difference, we’re all waiting for the same thing every day. Ramadan is one of those times of year where we get to connect with our loved ones, and remind ourselves of what’s important. Who better to connect with than the people we spend most of our days with, anyways!

The company gathering spot has to mix space with tasty food, so we can truly celebrate the holy month with our colleagues and recharge for another year of successful business! For this reason, we’ve collected for you a list of the best places to have your corporate iftar/suhour this year, to make memories and recharge your professional battery!

Sawa – Grand Egyptian Museum

What better way to celebrate the festivities than within the crown jewel of heritage and the future of Egyptian tourism, the Grand Egyptian Museum. Sawa’s tent is perfect for the corporate event that will bring the office together under the

Westin Hotel – Kattameya

The Westin Hotel is known for its lavish amenities and premium gold course, making it the perfect destination for any corporate even you plan. This year’s theme for Ramadan offers the promised measures of hospitality and more.

Pyramids Lounge – Giza

Deep within the confines of history is where we usually find the most glamorous of spirits that inspire great memories, and even greater bonding. What better way to bond and celebrate as a team than against the backdrop of the great pyramids of Giza? We definitely don’t know.

Zooba – Across Cairo

Zooba has become a staple name when we think of Egyptian innovation and ingenuity. The local brand that took koshary to global recognition, with branches in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, and New York! Their more spacious branches in New Cairo offer delectable suhour experiences with their iconic catering services at the helm of your company’s Ramadan festivities. This year, Zooba’s Ramadan tent is also operating at the GEM giving you even more options to spend your Ramadan nights within the walls of greatness.

Lodge Restaurant – Cairo Festival City

Lodge Restaurant has made a name for itself for their gigantic spaces and supreme catering abilities; making it the TOP pick for New Cairo corporate iftars that we at Alf Hana recommend. Get ready to build great team bonding experiences and truly build professional families.

Pipa – Mountain View

Mountain View is synonymous with class and luxury, and Pipa surely lives up to those expectations and more. The unique restaurant offers specialized catering services specifically tailored for company events, with the greatest tastes in Cairene culinary expertise at the disposal of greater teams!