8 Essential Coffee Shops for Freelancers in Dubai

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What can we say about the Dubai lifestyle that hasn’t been shown on a big screen or raved on by a social media influencer already? Well, not much we reckon. From the lavish lifestyles, to the most advanced technology and business hub in the world, Dubai is the peak of opulence and luxury living. If you’re in Dubai, you’ll rarely ever feel stumped in finding a spot to suit your needs, from fine dining to coffee dates, every luxury is just around the corner.

One of the world’s major business hubs, Dubai is surely home to plenty of professionals, students, and avid readers looking for a cup of coffee with fast and reliable internet connection for their casual work days. If you’re any of the above, if you’re a freelancer looking for a convenient base for your operations, or a college student on the prowl for the perfect study spot; this list is just for you.

Social House

Social House debuted in 2010 at The Dubai Mall. The instantly-iconic spot offers flavors from around the globe, accompanied by breathtaking views and a warm, alluring design where diners can enjoy a special dining experience. Enjoy their delectable comfort food from various parts of the globe, with unique menus for each time of day. 

Add to that the swift internet connection and semi-private spaces, and you’ll find an enjoyable working day at Social House with breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Starbucks JBR

The quintessential coffee experience, there’s little we can say to rate Starbucks Coffee. It’s just Starbucks. However, Starbucks JBR offers a unique location for tranquil work or study sessions, accented with the beautiful view of Jumeirah Beach to truly enhance your focus.

Starbucks Jumeirah

Another Starbucks on the list, but one we feel is definitely worth mentioning for its great atmosphere. This branch is far from the throng and tranquil — a space with two levels and outdoor seating so you can enjoy your Starbucks experience. It also has a sizable outdoor seating area and a drive-through. Additionally, there is an enormous selection of cold sandwiches, and the coffee is always excellent.


Particularly during nice weather, visiting the outside area is definitely worth a try for a nice breeze with tasty coffee and a calm work environment. However, the inside is just as cute, dare we say sometimes even cuter; nd the cuisine is excellent. Our favorite treat in this place is the chocolate babka. The pistachio dessert is also super tasty, you can tell they use high-quality ingredients throughout the entire establishment. The food is presented beautifully, with excellent assistance provided swiftly, amiably, and expertly.

Comptoir 102

A nice spot to get caffeine and food, with a quiet atmosphere and helpful staff. There are several dining and seating areas, so it is not overly crowded or noisy. The coffee at Comptoir 102 is an absolute delight, making it the perfect spot for a caffeinated work session, or a group project with a tight deadline. We totally recommend having any of their iced coffees.

Maisan 15

This eccentric, fantastic eatery is located right next to Dubai Science Park. Maisan 15 is Dubai’s best-kept secret. It would be your biggest error if you had never heard of this location. This cafe’s artistic design highlights the aesthetic beauty in every nook. If the weather is nice, you can even spend time with friends and family on the charming little front patio. Not to mention, its proximity to Dubai Science Park and unique location make it the perfect place for a quiet night of studying or work. 


The ideal location for anyone looking to work comfortably or study away from home. They also have reasonable and cost-effective prices for food and drinks. There isn’t much to do besides talk to friends quietly or study. For those who enjoy the arts, there is also an entire wall covered in drawing paper! Just make sure to bring your own colored pencils. Ultimately, this location is just as quaint as the upscale cafés along Alserkal Avenue.

NightJar Coffee Roasters

Another spot nestled in Alserkal Avenue, NightJar Coffee Roasters brings good quality grub as well as delightful coffee. The cool atmosphere in this fantastic little cafe, along with the amazingly helpful staff, makes your work and study even more delightful. The single origin coffee in particular was prepared and poured to perfection. Don’t miss out on its surprisingly great menu for a mid-break snack while you finish your tasks.