7 Secrets Every Home Baker Needs to Know

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Ever been scrolling through your favorite social media app and stumbled upon some sultry, professional looking cake seemingly made in someone’s home kitchen? Now you reckon you’d do the same and want to take a jab at becoming a home baker as well.

So you head to your kitchen, open up your favorite YouTube baker’s pound cake recipe, bring out the flour, and get started. If you’re a bit confused about what tools you should use, we’ve collected a simple shopping list of baking tools and supplies that are easily available at home and will make baking your first cake a breeze.

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  1. A flour cup is paramount to make sure that any blanks or spots are closed.
  1. Get yourself a kitchen scale in order to know all the ingredients weight and make sure that they are ideal.
  1. You should buy a (regular) racket for mixing and kneading.
  1. Tefal cups are the perfect solution to decrease burning or sticking.
  1. You need to own any type of measurement tool with numbers to distribute a specific quantity to fit the cups.
  1. Always brush to distribute butter equally when applying it on the trays.
  1. Wear gloves when you need to for keeping your hands safe from the oven’s heat.

You don’t need to be a professional baker to make yummy treats. Try these baking secrets and learn how to create delicious sweet (or savory), and decadent baked goods at home!