New Cairo’s Hummus and Go Dishes Palestinian Cuisine in Style

With the tagline, “The Taste of Home”, Palestinian fast food spot in New Cairo’s O1 brings the delicious flavors of the Levant while preserving the heritage of the holy land of Palestine. The unique spot has all the breakfast/sohour staples we all know and love wrapped in delicious bread and with some honestly amazing branding.

Yes, we know we’re a food magazine but we had to mention the unique style of Hummus and Go because it’s the perfect compliment to the delicious food. Hummus and Go quantized the flavors of the land of olive trees, from hummus to the falafel and different dips, wrapped it up in beautifully served dishes, and impressed the hell out of us.

It’s no surprise that their lines extend around O1 Mall come sohour time, so you’ll need to get there early to get your place among the lucky patrons of Hummus and Go. Keep and eye out, because we expect more amazing things to come from them in the near future.