Cairo’s Best 4 Restaurants for a Romantic Ramadan

via Tree Lounge

When you think of Ramadan, you don’t necessarily think it is the best time for romance tbh. You might be more obliged to be thinking of other things like giving back, quality family time, or things of that nature. But, who would we be if we didn’t try to stir the post, just the exact right amount, and infuse some lovin’ into the holy month. 

Without further ado, we have scoured the capital city of Cairo for its most aww-inducing spots, and the result was magical. Happy Romantic Ramadan!

Tree Lounge

With two branches (technically they have three but officially it’s just two) under their belt, Tree Lounge knows exactly who they are, and they are a restaurant that worships the idea of love. The moment you will step into any of their eateries, you will automatically be transported to a land where love reigns supreme – that’s mostly because of how the entire restaurant has been designed. Or maybe it’s just the candle-lit dinners and rose petals scattered everywhere that have something to do with it. This Ramadan, they’re doing the same exact thing, except you and your other half can have your own romantic Ramadan moment for iftars and sohours at any of their establishments. Expect all the Egyptian classics, and then some. You will only be charged with whatever you order. To reserve, make your way into their socials. They have a branch by the Pyramids, another one by the Nile, and a tiny one at the Cairo Tower (that feels, in all honesty, like a lesser version of what its other sisters are). 

El Momento 

Much like Tree Lounge, El Momento does that same exact thing – except it’s in Obour CIty, and you get to also have your moment alone and alone only. Yup, no other humans will be visible wherever you will be seated. Just make sure you request that for your iftar or sohour, and you’re sorted. Prices on weekdays are EGP 1900 for two people, and EGP 2000 on weekends. This will allow you to have two main dishes and two soft drinks. Hit them up on social media to book your spot. 

Luce Della Luna 

Located (also) in Obour City, Luce Della Luna brings Italy to Om El Donia with some of Italian food’s most iconic dishes – from pesto pasta to seafood risotto, and so much more. You and your partner will only be charged EGP 2000 for two mains and two drinks (that can be non-alcoholic champagne). Oh, and you can have fireworks for EGP 250 and a person playing violin for EGP 700. Slide into their DMs for reservations. 


Okay so, upon entering Amore you will be enamored with love because it truly is in the air. Thanks to the iconic Nile river, you won’t just be served Egyptian food extravaganza, but also a breathtaking view. With packages that start for EGP 600 to EGP 2000, you will be able to choose from mains, soft drinks, and the music playing. Head to their social media and reserve your spot while you still can.