Our Favorite Budget-Friendly Cairo Suhour Spots This Ramadan

Ramadan activities are just about the same every year; mostly revolving around food and spirituality, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t frequent the same types of places every Ramadan. Always the culinary troubadours, one of our favorite things to do at Alf Hana is to scour the lands for the best and the tastiest. Ramadan is a great way to taste test the best when mostly everyone is serving the same things at the same time.

What better way to enjoy Ramadan nights, then, than with a suhour with friends and/or family; we surely don’t know. That’s why we brought you THE essential list of the coolest spots across Cairo who made our Ramadan nights experience all the more enjoyable and were really easy on our wallets as well.

Tablyet Foul – Fifth Settlement

At Tablyet Foul, we take a trip to the last century of grandparents and go back to the OG times of Ramadan festivities. Enjoy a tasty selection of Ramadanian staples on the sofras of the past, the tabliya.

Lokma – Sheikh Zayed

Sheikh Zayed’s Lokma brings a nice modern twist to the essential suhour experience. Just as you would expect a normal Ramadan suhour, you can get that and more from Lukmah, they have a great menu of Ramadan essentials as well as amazing vibes we’d love to go back to.

Sa7orty – Heliopolis

Heliopolis is rife with the Ramadan spirit, almost like the entire neighborhood was made for communal gatherings and food sharing. Deep in the depths of Khalifa Al Mamoun lies Sa7orty, the vibey spot we surely loved to experience. The food is made with great care and we surely felt the Ramadan spirit in every bite.

Fananis – Sheraton

Sheraton’s Fananis is a favorite of ours this Ramadan, if not for the food then definitely for the story. Three best-friends embarked on a business venture together in true entrepreneurial spirit and document the whole thing on their Instagram page for us to enjoy, what’s not to love?

3al Tablia – New Cairo

The tablia always makes a comeback around this time of year and we’re all here for it. 3al Tablia is another spot taking that theme as their selling point and bringing vibes as well as foul. We thoroughly enjoyed the food as much as we enjoyed the atmosphere, and the tablia made the entire experience more authentic, taking us back to the times of our parents and grandparents.

Arabesque – First Settlement

Arabesque takes a different spin on suhour, with the same essential foods for the suhour but with a different type of vibe. Taking it back to olden times is a certain pattern this Ramadan, probably every Ramadan, but Arabesque take us all the way back to older eras, with the early Islamic motif overriding every part of our experience that was transcended by the amazing food.