2023’s Must-Have Ramadan Desserts

We don’t know exactly when the trend of mixing Western food staples with our indigenous recipes started, but what we do know for sure is that we’re here for it. For a good part of the last decade, Ramadan comes with as much of a promise of cool desserts as religious piety.

Now with last year’s baked creativity gauge set on high, we expected little surprises this year. Alas, we were delightfully surprised with this year’s selection of Ramadan creations by our favourite patisseries. So without further ado, bring out the pastry bibs and unbuckle your belt, because this Ramadan is going to be filled with creamy deliciousness. 

Oh and as always, Alf Hana!

Lotus Konafa Donut From Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme showed up last year to redefine the donut game in Egypt. Known all too well by third culture kids across the country, they instantly became a crowd favorite for their special donut recipes and amazing fillings. They’re now taking over Ramadan with lotus and konafa all packed in one round tasty dessert we’re positive Homer Simpson would die for.

Basbousa Mochi from Momochi 

via Momochi

Basbousa took the oddest trip to Japan and back and came back in mochi form, apparently. We’re not sure how Momochi pulled off the mix, but we are sure it’s going to be in our 3ezoumas throughout the holy month.

Om Ali Ice Cream from Stavolta

via Stavolta

Ever since Stavolta opened its doors and they’ve been setting a true standard of quality ice-cream. We were positive they’d come up with something impressive this Ramadan season and we were not disappointed. We can’t believe no one has ever blended Om Ali with ice cream before but we’re glad someone finally did.

Ice Cream Sharqy Platter from Sultana

Following the trend of making desserts in cold creamy form, Sultana came up with a whole selection of our favourite sweet delicacies from teta’s house and put them all in one platter we can all enjoy.

Dates San Sebastian Cheesecake from Tortina

Okay so, the San Sebastian Cheesecake is one of those desserts that deserves a special shoutout, if not for the absolute fluffy wonder, but for the lightness it deserves. Mixing it with a date topping is the perfect Ramadan treatment for those looking to satisfy a lighter sweet tooth while keeping traditions alive.

Pistachio Tres Leches from NOLA

Tres Leches alone can satisfy the strongest sweet tooth, at least for us here at Alf Hana. Nola managed to do the near impossible by both Ramadanifying and arguably enhancing the delectable dessert from Mexico, giving it the Arab treatment no one knew it needed. 

Shai bel Laban Kunafa from Coppermelt 

Now hear us out, we know it seems a bit odd, and we’re not arguing. The quintessential drink for mamas across Egypt is not to be messed with, and we’re not sure how this idea came for the folks at Coppermelt. But if you slightly lose the cynicism, and try out this truly unique creation from Coppermelt, you’ll have the best possible dessert to gift your mom, or yourself!