Cairo’s Artisanal Bakery Fati’s Drenches Kahk in Unique Flavors

Every year, Eid comes to culminate a whole month of piety and serenity with the noise of glee and happiness. Kahk can be easily seen and remembered as THE taste of Eid festivities, besides the family vibes and the even sweeter 3edeya.

There’s the sad catch though, not everyone enjoys Eid’s kahk. Shocker, we know, and we’d almost be in disbelief about it if we didn’t care for all our readers equally; even the ones who apparently don’t know how to enjoy Eid. But, we digress, because Cairo’s own specialty home-bakery of Fati’s apparently shares our unique care for all sweet-toothed eid-denying Cairenes as well, and they came up with the perfect answer.

Enter Fati’s “Mesh Kahk” special Eid glazed donut holes to fulfil your Eid glee without having to deal with the endless crumbs and, we’ll admit it, bordering on redundant flavors of malban and ghorayebba. Fati’s is bringing the eid vibes with a donuty twist, with their Nutella, Lotus, 3agwa, pistachio, and nashader stuffed desserts that’ll deliver the flavors without crumbing up your taste buds!

We loved every flavor, and you will too when you order your “Mesh Kahk” box from Fati’s today!