Salé Sucré to Deliver Eid Glee to Muslims in the UK

via Sale Sucre

The master patisserie and renowned sweets store has become synonymous with classy desserts since its inception in 1999. Since then, we’ve come to expect next level deliciousness from every bite of their desserts, and Salé Sucré hasn’t disappointed.

Every major holiday, whether it be Christmas, Eid, or Easter, comes with great hopes from the Alf Hana team for the different holiday goodies we’ll get to experience. Eid is a special one because it’s filled with sugary fluffiness, from the kahk to the ghorayeba and the rest of the works.

If you live abroad, or ever have, you likely understand the pains of weathering the fasting of the holy month, only to miss out on the cultural festivities in your homeland. Not to take away from your experience, but kahk is an essential part of Eid, and Salé Sucré decided to fix that. Always the innovators, Salé Sucré are bringing the Eid festivities across the sea to all the diaspora boys and girls (and gender non-conforming pals) missing their Mama’s and Teta’s ka7k bemalban this year.

Through their local hotlines, Salé Sucré is delivering Eid Kahk across the UK to all the nostalgic fasters out there. You can call them at the numbers, +447882815510 or +447588556050, or order through their website.