Korba’s Bouchée Bakery Is Straight Out of a Disney Movie

Bouchée is a quaint French bakery in Korba, Egypt that offers hearty baked delicacies that’ll take you to the city of love. It stands out from more established international brands by providing an authentic French baking experience to its customers. The bakery uses traditional recipes and techniques to create delicious treats that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. From croissants and éclairs to tarts and macarons, Bouchée has something for everyone! With a wide selection of freshly-baked goods, Bouchée is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth!

But what really sets Bouchée apart is its dedication to creating true French delicacies. The staff takes fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced locally and bakes them with the utmost care and attention to detail. This attention to what goes into each dish is reflected in the experience crafted around it—right from the moment you walk in and feel the warmth, down to each bite you take out of their delicious pastries.

It’s no wonder then why Bouchée has become such a hit amongst locals and visitors alike—it’s more than just food; it’s an experience.