Dubai’s M’OISHΠBrings Mochi Ice Cream Greatness to Cairo


The Japanese sure know how to make us smile. It is, after all, the birthplace of sushi, instant ramen, and Naruto! Little did we know that tea could create so much popping action in our mouths before boba, or that pancakes can taste even better fluffy; the point is, there’s always a Japanese surprise for our minds or our taste buds every time we take a far look to the east.

The thing about mochi, other than how fun it is to watch being made, is how fluffy and delicious it can be. We’re glad we got to experience the fluffy sweetness of mochi; better yet, locally inspired, with basbousa mochi making our top Ramadan desserts list this year!

Many places make mochi with different twists, but this UAE-based café, M’OISHÎ, just gave it yet another cool delicious turn. M’OISHÎ’s mochi ice cream pops are absolutely delightful. Not only do they make Japanese inspired mochi ice cream balls, but they have a wide selection of flavors to suite every palate.

We especially loved the passion fruit and matcha flavors. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can go for the super sour Uzu lemon mochi, or the Gulf inspired Vimto ones, which are nostalgically tasty. Visit them at any of their booths in most of Cairo’s major malls today; CFC, City Stars, and Mall of Arabia to name a few, and delight yourself in some heavenly mochi ice cream pops that we highly recommend.

Don’t forget to try some of their unique desserts as well, with the tarts and Belgian waffles being especially delicious and the coffee being decent enough to call good, knowing our very high standards.