Chai Chai Brings Pakistani Cuisine To Rehab City

Part of our mission at Alf Hana is to uncover the unique tastes of our beloved region, and to unearth hidden gems within our streets. It’s always a pleasure for us to discover new flavors that take us on little trips around the world.

Today’s trip is to Pakistan with El Rehab’s Chai Chai. Chai is the Urdu word for, you guessed it, tea; and boy do they make some good tea. As the case with all South Asian tea, Chai Chai uses the unique spices of the region to style different flavors of tea that will differently tickle your taste buds. From the pink chai with nuts and whole spices, to the turmeric infused golden milk chai, Chai Chai manages to build an entire experience out of the simple drink.

Then there’s the food, Chai Chai specializes in South Asian paratha, offering a wide range of dishes with the delectable bread as a main ingredient. Luckily, the Alf Hana team boasts more than one curry aficionado, so the curry went through a testing trial, which it passed with flying colors. The curried eggs were a delight, so were the potato and meat parathas, which are absolutely AMAZING!

Make sure to head to their branch in Rehab now, we suggest you try one of their breakfast plates or the spicy samosas. As always, Alf Hana!