Anast Is (Soft) Serving Cairo the Most Ramadan Ice Creams to Ever Exist

Every year, Ramadan brings in a few essential flavors that tickle our tastebuds during the build up for the holy month. We usually have konafa and basbousa all year round, but they hit different in Ramadan. The drinks, however, are something else. Some drinks are just synonymous with Ramadan even if they’re technically available all year round.

We’re thinking tamr hendy, karkadeeh, doom, kharoob, and sobia. These drinks have graced our tables and quenched our thirst after a long day of fasting for as long as we can remember. Anast (و شرفت) just came up with such a unique twist on Ramadan drinks that’s so simple we can’t believe no one has done it before.

Anast now offers a range of Ramadan flavored soft-serve ice creams that bring as much as flavor as they do amazement from us. We personally have a special place for soft serve ice cream here at Alf Hana, and we hold high standards for dessert spots that “serve” it. Anast has done a great job at amazing us and more. Head to Mar. V Mall in New Cairo, and try out their tamr hendy-flavored soft serve, you can even get it over a konafa cup or even a waffle!