Cairo’s Reif Kushiyaki is Heading to Sahel This Summer

If you know anything about the Asian cuisine scene in Cairo, you’ll know two things; one, it’s been absolutely buzzing with excitement over these past few years, and Reif Kushiyaki is definitely at the forefront of said buzz. That’s not just our opinion, with Reif Kushiyaki being a current feature in MENA’s 50 best restaurants, and a previous one in the renowned global ranking. Reif Kushiyaki is a staple of Cairene fine-dining excellence, and that’s not really a debate.

The real debate is on how fast you can get to its brand new location along the stunning coastal beauty of the summer haven that is Sahel. Cairo’s hottest Japanese restaurant is heading to the North Coast, and we’ll definitely be the first ones to follow it. The announcement was just made, and we’re just sharing the festive news to make sure you’re in the know. If you didn’t know, now you do, so you’ll have no excuse to not head there as soon as the exact location is announced; which we’ll be sure to share as soon as we find out.