Cairo Bakery Fornalia Joins the Konafa Wave with a Must-Have Invention

Alright we lied, or more clearly we hadn’t foreseen the mid-Ramadan konafa-filled surprises from Cairo’s patisseries. At least we are fulfilling our promises to ourselves to only highlight the most inventive konafa creations. This one from Fornalia is a perfect example of that.

The artisan bakery with branches in New Cairo, Nasr City, and Heliopolis just came up with something we weren’t sure could be done before trying it, Konafa croissants. We’re not really sure how they pulled it off or what was going through the baker’s mind when they were conceiving it, but we sure love the fact that we’re trying it right now.

Check out the Konafa based take on the delicious French dessert at any of their branches and try to contain your excitement, we know we couldn’t. Don’t forget to try the date fillings for the perfect ramadan-vibed dessert, and as always, Alf Hana!