10 Essential Cairo Coffee Shops for Freelancers

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When was the last time you had an important submission, life-changing presentation at work, or just really needed to cram that book you’ve been planning to write for years. Well, you could head to a co-working space, only to find that the main reason it has the name “work” in it is because the chairs are just as uncomfortable. Not to mention the best coffee you can get is a generic sachet of diluted quasi-caffeine. With all due respect to Nestle, sometimes the least comfort you can get during a difficult time with a deadline is a delicious cappuccino or an extra strong shot of espresso for the sleepy.

If you feel like sitting comfortably and having coffee, what you need is a comfortable spot with a good internet connection and decently strong coffee to fuel your focus. The Alf Hana team is no stranger to long exam nights or tight deadlines, and we’ve collected a wide list of our favorite places all over Cairo with the perfect blend of coffee, environment, and internet connectivity and rated them for you accordingly. Alas, as hard as it was to find a location that perfected all these elements, each one of these spots goes far and beyond to compensate for their shortcomings with amazing upsides.

Without further ado, good luck and of course, Alf Hana.

30 North – Branches Across Cairo

30 North is well known among the caffeine-driven crowd for being one of the most convenient study spots. Not only is 30 North renowned for its superior artisan coffee, the vibes are absolutely impeccable. With comfortable chairs and a fast internet connection, you’ll find many work buddies to not feel completely lonesome in your respective sea of knowledge.

Salt of Earth – New Cairo

Salt of Earth might be considered a weird addition to this list for study spots, it’s best known for its kitchen, after all. However, if you’re feeling like an early morning productivity session in the Fifth Settlement, there’s no place like it. The service is impeccable, internet always connected, and the plus side is they have a reputable kitchen in case you start feeling peckish. Fair warning though, the Garden 8 location comes with Garden 8 prices. 

Beano’s – Maadi

Beano’s is one of those coffee chains synonymous with work meetings for some reason. The one in Maadi, however, is a special one, if not for its nostalgic effect being around for more than a decade, then for its super studious vibes conducive of productivity.

Sufi Bookstore – Zamalek

Nestled along the infamous side streets of Zamalek, Sufi is considered somewhat of a culture center seeing its uniquely arabesque décor and eerily familiar vibes. Walking into Sufi, you can’t help but feel the influences of every creative mind that has visited these tables. For the superior atmosphere, we’ll forgive the limited internet speed and unremarkable coffee just for the 5-star vibes.

Coffee Lab – Branches Across Cairo

Coffee Lab is one of the quintessential study spots for Taj kids. College students have probably spent at least one midterm’s eve gathered around a table at Coffee Lab trying to cram as much information in their brains as possible before the next day’s reckoning. That’s why we enjoy their focus on good coffee and internet connectivity, if not to grace this list but to directly appease their customers. 

Costa Coffee – New Cairo

Costa Coffee’s Americana Plaza branch in Tagamo’ is a goldmine of internet speed. We know Costa makes a decent coffee, warranted by its worldwide popularity and special place in Egyptian java drinkers’ hearts, so we won’t get into that. What we will get into, is the frankly ridiculous internet connectivity at this one branch. If your work requires fast internet of if you’re in the dev field, then definitely head to Costa in Americana Plaza. The chairs are quite comfortable as well and its known for being a hub for students so you’ll find plenty of wanas.

Ovio – Branches Across Cairo

Let’s be honest, Maadi is a favorite for anyone looking to enjoy some much-appreciated greenery outside of secured gates. It provides a refuge for breath in a constantly crowding Cairo. For a good study session with reliable coffee and a semi-decent internet connection, don’t stray from Ovio. While you’re there, don’t forget to try Ovio’s impeccable pastries. In all honesty, any Ovio branch still kills!

Room Art Space – Garden City

No Downtown Cairo or Garden City faithful is unfamiliar with Room’s homey vibes and friendly service. In addition, it’s one of the most respected underground venues in Cairo, so you might even luck into a concert after submitting your term paper. Don’t count on fast internet or any cellphone service in the basement location though, but it’s more than made up for with some good coffee. Also, while you’re there, make sure to try Burger Tree’s tasty creations if you get hungry.

Diwan – Branches Across Cairo

Diwan’s Heliopolis branch is one of the most convenient study spots because, for one, it’s a bookstore; this fact alone inspires literary creativity and quiet. The studious vibes make it almost on par with a co-working space, with the only difference being filtered coffee available. Don’t get your hopes up though, the manual French press is somewhat worn out so don’t expect sublime coffee, the internet is also a bit shoddy at times. Diwan makes up for these shortcomings, however, with one major pro, its calm vibes and silent study area, for those who need extra concentration. If you don’t live in Heliopolis, worry not, because their branches across Cairo are still just as good.