Om Ali Boba is Ramadan’s Next Big Thing from Boba Bear

Om Ali Scooped by a Spoon with a Ramadan Lantern top right corner.

We really thought we’d seen it all this Ramadan. What else CAN you slap on a konafa and call a new dish? Well, turns out we were wrong, but gladly it’s no longer an-*insert generic sugar*-infused konafa, any more.

The folks at Boba Bear just managed to turn our heads once more with perhaps this year’s most inventive Ramadan-inspired dessert to fuel our post-iftar gossip about the state of globalisation. Good luck explaining to Tant Manal what boba is and why someone decided to put it on Om Ali.

Unlike Tant Manal, we’re not complaining, in fact we are ALL IN FOR IT. Already “bursting” with flavor, Om Ali is the latest entry on the long list of beloved desserts we didn’t know needed a revamp. Yet somehow, we’re glad they did it. Who knew bubbles of fruity freshness was just the thing a delicious bowl of Om Ali needed to be elevated? We certainly didn’t, but we’re sure glad we found out.

Boba Bear is located in New Cairo’s El Narges and from what we hear, they’re churning out boba-topped Om Ali faster than you can say “pop”. So make sure to pass by and get your Om Ali today, and as always, Alf Hana!