Where to Find Heliopolis’ Best Breakfasts

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On those snooze-button days, breakfast might be a glance at a banana and a bunch of gulps of coffee. On slightly more leisurely mornings with moments to spare, it might be baladi bread with whatever works you prefer, and several long, satisfying sips of coffee. And on those infrequent occasions where, say, an hour allows for a capital-B Breakfast like you’re in a family sitcom, the most important meal of the day might even come with a seat, something flipped from a griddle, and, yes that hot, caffeinated a.m. mainstay: more coffee.


If you are longing for some French vibes with authentic views, we recommend popping by Paul because obvi. Their Eggs Benedict are to die for and will make you fall in love with the dish all over again. You can have it with their signature Cappuccino that will be paired with their gorj view.  

Tree Trunk

Looking for a place that can spice up your relationship? Tree Trunk is the utmost perfect place for a breakfast date. Their everyday, all-breakfast menu is superb. We don’t even think it’s possible for us to recommend just one dish because we’re obsessed with all of them. What we totally think you should do, however, is have that breakfast on their terrace and indulge in its magical view of Korba.


Foul we ta3meya has never tasted so good, all thanks to Tabali with their modernized twist on the classic Egyptian fetar. The breakfast giant has always been an office favorite for many, but do you know that you can also head to any of their branches and enjoy a spectacular dine-in experience? Well, now you do. Just make sure you order their Mini Sandwiches Box that comes through with all your favorite sandwiches while making them super tiny and adorable. Not only will it fill you up for breakfast, but will get you to try out so many different types of sandwiches so you’re not just left with foul or ta3meya.

Hamada Sheraton

What started as a typical street cart has now grown into a full blown empire with three branches in New Cairo, Heliopolis, and Rehab City. We here at Alf Hana are big fans of success stories and Hamada Sheraton is exactly that, and more. What makes Hamada Sheraton stand out is that they offer no frills to the already-perf Egyptian breakfast. We totally recommend having their Foul with Eggs, Fries with Cheese, and Moussaka.


Much like Tabali, Zooba elevates your traditional Egyptian breakfast but in a completely different way using high-quality ingredients along with other tweaks to create a totally refreshing experience. From the Fries with Labna sandwich to Eggs with Pastrami Plate, and Lemon-Infused Foul. The vibe of the actual place is also very much Instagrammable, which is perfect for you and your squad to visit on a Friday morning.

Nasser El Fayoumi 

Via Nasser El Fayoumi

If you’re tired of having falafel in the early hours of the day, then Nasser El Fayoumi is definitely here for the rescue. Why, you ask? Because their feteer will make you rethink all of your life decisions. Whether you’re into savory or sweet, you’ll find something for you. Just make sure you have it with their homemade molasses.

Tres Bon

We just can’t have a name like Alf Hana without wishing that to everyone, and that is exactly why Tres Bon made it on the list. LOLJK, that is not why they’re on the list, they’re here because of their vast breakfast menu that includes something for every taste bud. It comes equipped with items like the Classic Omelette (which comes with mushrooms, potatoes of your choice, and a side salad), Tree Cheese (which is basically red cheddar, white cheddar, mozzarella served with eggs, mushrooms, and potatoes), and even a vegetarian option because we love inclusivity.


Okay so, how about breakfast fit for kings, queens, and gender non-conforming royals that overlooks the Presidential Palace? Whatever you get, just make sure you get their English Cake with a hot cup of coffee.


The only thing you need to care about on their breakfast menu is their Salmon Benedict. Yup, you just read that right. That’s exactly what they serve! DISCLAIMER: They currently don’t have a dine-in spot in Heliopolis, but they are available via delivery.


Healthy eaters, where you at? Charlie’s has become a beacon for everything food-related in Heliopolis. However, nothing beats their Avo Toast on a weekend morning tbh.