Dolato Wows Cairo with a Surprising Spin on Konafa

Okay, hear us out, please. We were honestly just about done with anything konafa related this Ramadan as well. We really were because we get it. Ever since the mango konafa made its debut, it seems like Cairene patisseries are slamming the same button over and over again with different spins on konafa. We at Alf Hana had made a secret pact to only cover konafa creations so special, so game-changing, that we won’t be able to see konafa the same way again. And no, a *insert international name brand candy*-inspired konafa was not going to cut it for us this year.

Enter Dolato – not that we had any doubts about their amazing desserts in the first place, but they truly came up with a game changer this year. This holy month, Dolato made a konafa ice-cream cone, not a flavor (although that is delightful), not a topping, but a konafa cone!

We don’t know if you understand the gravity of this situation but let’s make one thing clear, a KONAFA CONE! This changes our ice-cream date nights forever. Konafa is back in business, and the spark that has been lost is officially back!