Hi Monkey: An Extraordinary Dubai-Based Brand For Lucky Javacianados

via GettyImages

If you know your coffee, you definitely know how tough it is to find the perfect blend of roasted beans that can fulfill your daily caffeine cravings and give you just the right start of the day or the boost of afternoon energy to get through your work meetings. What if we tell you there’s a new roaster in town specializing in a host of coffee blends for all tastes, with one promise for sure; luxurious flavors and amazing coffee. Better yet, what if we tell you they deliver in both Dubai and Cairo.

Enter Hi Monkey, the Dubai based brewer recently announced its operations and has been working on offering premium blends of delectable coffee for java conossieurs. Hi Monkey goes above and beyond to offer you a chance to customize your own blend of roasted beans just how you like. Order your specialty blend of ice coffee now from their Instagram page, and get your specialty coffee anyhwere in Cairo or Dubai.