Chickie Chan Brings a Western Twist to Lebanese Chicken in Cairo

via GettyImages

One thing we know for sure is that the Lebanese love their chicken, and so do we. The Levantian invasion of Egyptian cuisine has been truly underway and we’re here for it. When we first heard there was a new Lebanese place that serves chicken opening up in Cairo, a collective eye roll beset our team; expecting the same ol’ story of shawerma with predictable toppings, boy were we wrong!

Much to our surprise, Chickie Chan offers a unique and refreshing twist on Lebanese Chicken. Chickie Chan decided to step away from the cliche and offer us fried and grilled chicken with the tasty Lebanese twist we all know and love, adding in a dash of “westernized” flavors.

We absolutely adored the pomegrenate salad, and the grilled chicken was perfectly spiced and extremely tender, carrying all the juices to perfection. Chickie Chan has also gone above and beyond with their sauces, offering a selection of over 10 sauces to side your delicious chicken with, and cheeseballs for delecatable appetizers. If you feel like trying a great twist on Lebanese chicken, head over to Soliman Gohar Square in Dokki and try it out today.