8 Insanely Cheesy Dishes You Can Eat in Cairo 

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Who doesn’t love an oozy, melty, food-porny cheese moment? You might not think it’s socially acceptable to order a big chunk of fromage for dinner, but we here at Alf Hana would beg to differ. In this listicle, we’ve found the best cheesy dishes in Cairo that you’ll be very fondue of. 

Spicy Chicken Ranch Pizza Wich from Chicken FilA 

Via Chicken FilA

There’s sandwiches, and then there’s pizza sandwiches. This one from Chicken FilA takes all the awards. Imagine two fried chicken pieces stuffed with American cheddar cheese, spicy mayo sauce, tomato pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, jalapeno, ranch sauce, and lettuce. We don’t know about you, but this definitely hits all the right spots for us.

Cheese Smash Burger from Daddy’s

Via Daddy’s

Look at how glorious this creation is! With a grilled patty, fresh lettuce, pickled cucumber, cheddar cheese, AND cheddar cheese sauce, you’re in for a rollercoaster ride that only goes up.

Melted Cheese Crispy Chicken Oven Pasta from Desoky & Soda 

Via Desoky & Soda

Okay so, what if we told you that there’s an invention that includes a lot of penne pasta drowning in a sea of cheese sauce, crispy chicken, and mozzarella cheese? That was a rhetorical question, just head to Desoky & Soda right now or call ’em up.

Beef Burger from Lakma

Via Lakma

The best thing about Lakma is that they ask you about the type of cheese you want to indulge yourself in. Once you do that, you get to devour your beef burger that comes through with all kinds of sauces (jalapeno, BBQ, big tasty, big mac, honey mustard, and sweet chili).

Bolognese Fondue from Spaghi 

Via Spaghi

Do you know what a spaghiterria is? Well, it’s a place that specializes in spaghetti. This is Egypt’s first and only spot that actually is dedicated to the iconic dish. It is also the only spot that makes Bolognese Fondue – which is basically layers of cheese and homemade Bolognese sauce, topped with parmesan and garlic bread chips.

Nachos Sandwich from Willy’s Kitchen

Via Willy’s Kitchen

You’re probably thinking what the food is this Nacho Sandwich all about? Willy’s Kitchen changed the game when they introduced this bad boy to Egypt’s food scene. Basically, it’s deep fried tortilla bread stuffed with beef or chicken, bathing in delightful cheese. That’s all you need to know to get your mouth watering tbh.

Cheese Fountain from Heart Attack

Via Heart Attack

This menu item is exactly how it sounds. It’s an actual Cheese Fountain that comes on your table (you can’t have it for delivery unfortunately) where you can dip your chicken, sandwich, or whatever your heart desires for THE ultimate cheese experience.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza from Country Hills

Via Country Hills

If you’ve never had a deep dish pizza before, your life is about to change. Basically, it’s a deep pizza (like, really deep) that is filled with lots of mozzarella cheese and whatever fillings you want. Think of it as the World Cup of all pizzas. Instead of recommending a specific deep dish pizza, we think you should go for the one that vibes more with your taste buds.