La Liste Awards Pier88 Group’s Giovanni Bolandrini for His Iconic Khufu’s Restaurant

Overlooking the historical legacy of Egypt, and the crown jewel of Ancient Egyptian culture, lies the restaurant that just got recognized by the prestigious La Liste as a true ‘hidden gem of the Mediterranean,’ Khufu’s. Considered the latest brainchild of Pier88 Group’s Giovanni Balondrini, Khufu’s blends high-end dining with a taste of reverence overlooking the Pyramids.

Fundementally inspired by Egyptian cuisine, and using local ingredients to elevate the dining experience, Khufu’s brings a new taste of class and style to its visitors. In a ceremony at Monaco attended by the world’s biggest restaurateurs and critics, La Liste recognized Khufu’s last Thursday with an award presented to Giovanni Bolandrini, the mastermind behind the restaurant.

Combining over 1000 publications, guides, and cross-referenced reviews, La Liste is a globally renowned guide of the world’s best restaurants and bakeries. The recognition comes as an unsurprising result of Khufu’s astonishing location combined with its celebrated menu. In a statement on Instagram, the famed Bolandrini comment referenced the emotional moment the award represents for Pier88 Group as a company and for Egypt as a nation, citing his gratefulness for adopting his culinary creations. “I was so happy that the culinary world noticed Khufu’s Restaurant (and to) finally be placed on the culinary map. This was my dream come true,” he added in his post.